Amalfi Zine Jackie Diedam -8s

Memories from Amalfi Coast – Limited edition travel zine

July 6, 2017

I love the Amalfi Coast! It’s been a pleasure to get to know a place that is so dreamy by going back every year.  I get very excited when friends ask me for travel tips, and after guiding many people to the Amalfi Coast, I finally did a zine about...


Editorial Illustrations for a Best Seller Book

I loved books since I can remember, probably as much as I loved arts and illustration. I can say for sure that one of the things that made me pursue illustration as a profession, was the dream of working with editorial illustrations. The feeling of opening a book and...


Cookbook illustrations

July 5, 2017

Food illustrations for the chapters openings in the cookbook ‘Frufruta‘ by Patricia Bianco. Published by Editora Alaúde in Brazil, and a best-seller in the country. Illustrations were also licensed as a pattern by Gennuina kitchen textiles.