jackiediedam May 29, 2017

The Amalfi Coast is by far one of my favorite destinations. The prettiest, colorful buildings, the hand painted ceramic, the food, the people and of course: the views! There are so many great things to say about the Amalfi Coast, but I will start by pointing out my favorite spots and things to do in this coastal paradise.


amalfi coast food - jackie diedam

Eating in Amalfi – the abundance of lemons and fresh sea food will make every meal a memorable event. I don’t regret any of my meals there but I will list some of the things you might consider trying if you are going for the first time. Start with some octopus, deep fried sardines (sprinkled with lemon of course) with fresh white bread on the side. Then work your way through some delicious, fresh sea food risotto and finish with an amazing lemon gelato and a limoncello liquor. Besides that basically anything made with lemons is wonderful.


amalfi coast - salerno - jackie diedam

Salerno – This town has one of the biggest ports in the region which makes it a good place for you to stay. The port will give you a lot of options for transport to other smaller towns. I usually stay at Terrazza Paradiso , a stunning B&B! One of the places I liked the most in Salerno was Minerva’s Garden. A hidden gem of a garden for medical plants that goes back since the 12th century. Besides being beautiful by itself, this medieval garden also offers visitors breathtaking views of the city. Side note: check their opening times ahead, as the garden is not open throughout the week.


amalfi coast - atrani - jackie diedam

Atrani – Lovely and tiny town with a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Lots of small shops and restaurants with very good and afforable food and in my opinion the most picturesque beach setting.


amalfi coast - jackie diedam
Amalfi – The main town of the area it’s always full and buzzing, but the amazing views of the beach, shops and tiny streets are worth the trip. I had the best gelato in the plaza near the Cathedral.


amalfi coast - furore - jackie diedam

Furore – This hidden gem is definitely not your usual beach. You can only access the Fjord either by going down hundreds of steps from the 30 m bridge or by boat. The beach does not have a full day of sunshine, but it’s lovely enough for you to stay there a whole day, even without direct sun. Do bring swimming shoes, the beach is very rocky!


amalfi coast - positano - jackie diedam

Positano – The highlight of the coast. Positano is filled with charming streets, lovely shops, and beautiful restaurants. Favorite spots in Positano are Chez Black, La Sponda, and Franco’s Bar. A full day in Positano is more than enough for someone to get to know this tiny town. If you do want to enjoy a full day at the beach, try the Marina Grande for easy access or take a boat to Da Adolfo and you will have a memorable day (I haven’t been yet to Da Adolfo, but it’s on my next travel list!)!


naples - jackie diedam

Naples – Okay, not part of the Amalfi Coast, but as I always fly to Naples and thought of just giving you a tip about the city as well. Although the city is very chaotic and a bit too loud for me, I found a peaceful retreat in the Naples Botanical Gardens. One of the most well taken care botanical gardens I’ve ever seen! Leave a full afternoon to enjoy this place, and do bring mosquito repellent, as I “only” had 20 to 30 bites on each leg (maybe even wear long sleeves and long pants to be sure).

I always get asked about transportation while in the Amalfi Coast, and I always recommend people to try their best to enjoy the ferries between cities.  Driving and parking can be really hard for someone who has never been to Italy.

That’s it for now! Let me know if you have any specific questions and I will try to help you out!