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Basic tool list – paints

November 14, 2016
Hello there! This post is the second part of a three post series about all the materials I use on a regular basis. The first part was about paper, this second part is talking about...

Basic tool list – papers

  I’ve been asked many times about the materials I use, so I thought it would be nice and easy if I could write down a more detailed list over here. I only...
Jackie Diedam - Westwing

At home with Westwing

October 31, 2016
I’ve had the pleasure to open my home for Westwing during back in Summer. They wanted to see how my small apartment is styled and organized taking in consideration I live and work...
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Tips for sketching in Museums

October 23, 2016
In times when it’s easier to take a quick snap and get to the next room but I find that taking time to actually sketch pieces you like in museums is much...


March 2, 2017
Inspired by lush lemon gardens of the Amalfi Coast, the Allegra collection is a sweet and sunny stationery. The light yellow of the lemons is complimented by the olive colored leaves and delicate...