jackiediedam October 18, 2016


Charlottenburg is by far my favourite place in Berlin. It’s a beautiful neighbourhood, with calm streets, lots of restaurants and cafes, old and well groomed buildings, a lovely lake, and a castle. I’m not a person who likes crowds, a bit of an old soul, and I find that staying in this area makes me actually enjoy being in Berlin. There is a feeling of community whenever I’m staying there, it feels like I see the same faces in the same spots.

There is a castle in the area, called Schloss Charlottenburg, which unfortunately i have not been able to visit just yet, but whenever I drive in front of it, I’m always in awe. The hidden gem in Charlottenburg for me is not the castle, but a lake called Lietzensee ( Lietzen Lake ). Calm area, filled with trees and flowers, with some families, and eventually some dog walkers. It’s the perfect spot to read a book or do some live painting without much disturbance.



From the restaurants in the area, I think the ones in the Stuttgarter Platz are great for people ( and doggie ) watching, but if you ask me Lentz Gasthaus is the very best. Whenever I go, I always order the same dish, and it’s always perfect ( I actually tend to do that a lot… old soul ): Pappardelle with Salmon. To drink, just order a Hugo, and simply forget any life troubles you may have at the moment. The restaurant on the side Gasthaus Leonhardt, comes on a very close second place to me. They do a great Truffle Pasta, beautiful desserts, and good service.


For breakfast, during the week you can either have a long sit down at any of the places I’ve mentioned before, where they serve ‘continental breaksfast’, omeletes, english breakfast, etc, or just get yourself some pastries or a sandwich with a fresh orange juice from  Windback Bakery. I always go for the second option. On weekends, the cute DaWanda Snuggery offers a nice breakfast buffet, and across the street a very cute little pastry shop , called Patisserie Sarina offers brunch options, including pancakes with maple syrup!!! But whatever you do, bring a sketchbook and draw all the doggies you see!


The overall style in the area is a bit fancier than in the centre of Berlin or near tourist attractions. Whenever I’m staying there, I like to wear softer colours. This last time as I told you in my last post, I was doing my Berlin Museum Hopping, and I was going to spend a lot of time standing and walking around, so comfortable shoes and a practical bag made me feel a little less self-aware in the museums.

So, that was it! I hope you had an instant urge to stroll in this neighbourhood, or that you at least enjoyed the illustrations!