jackiediedam April 7, 2017

Jackie Diedam - Cherry Blossoms in Bonn

The real name of this street is not Cherry Blossom Avenue but Heerstrasse, and it’s a magical place. Every spring the cherry trees bloom bringing thousands of tourists from all over the world to this place. I try to come and see it every year, but of course that’s not so easy. If you are planning to see it, here goes a few tips:

1: Try to come during the work week. From Monday to Thursday the street is not so full as it is during the weekends.
2: If you come, plan to bring cash on you, since most of the cafes and restaurants around do not accept cards.
3. Be patient and respectful with others whenever you are trying to take a photo, everyone there is just trying to have a nice time.
4. Wear comfortable and secure shoes, the streets are made of cobblestone and they get quite slippery once there are petals on the floor.
5. Do take a look around in the nearby streets too, the whole area is very charming and worth the walks.

Jackie Diedam - Cherry Blossom in Bonn

Jackie Diedam - Cherry Blossom in Bonn
( To blend in with the Cherry Blossom, I was wearing a Zara blush coat, plain cotton white shirt, J.Crew skirt and Fossil bag – similar here )

And if you wondering, this print of mine was done based on this street! Until today it’s one of my best sellers, and I was asked a few times if I had just “imagined” such a place or if it was real.

Hope you like it!