jackiediedam July 5, 2017

I loved books since I can remember, probably as much as I loved arts and illustration. I can say for sure that one of the things that made me pursue illustration as a profession, was the dream of working with editorial illustrations. The feeling of opening a book and going through pages of beautifully edited content is like no other for me.

FruFruta_Book_MakingOf_JackieDiedam-5 editorial illustrations

I am so happy to share a bit of the process behind some editorial illustrations that I did recently with you. Or at least my process.

After having published the second edition of ‘Not Just Another Guide to Cologne’, the multi-talented Pati Bianco, talked to me about her plan of writing a cook book. And she asked if I would be interested in illustrating it! A cook book about healthy sweets! I jumped on the boat immediately.

FruFruta_Book_MakingOf_JackieDiedam-7 editorial illustrations

FruFruta_Book_MakingOf_JackieDiedam-8 editorial illustrations

A few Skype meetings later (Brazil time), we created a Pinterest board together and shared a lot of visual inspirations. The research phase is always so much fun!

When I received the basic book structure and the final briefing, it was time to start sketching! I needed to create 6 chapter openings, with full page illustrations and hand lettering for the titles. Also, one double spread about edible flowers! Pati gave me full creative freedom and it was all very seamless. Sketches approved it was time to paint the final pieces.

FruFruta_Book_MakingOf_JackieDiedam-1 editorial illustrations

I chose to use colors that appear in her photography and created scenes based on the recipes of each chapter. For those who are interested in the materials, I used gouache paint, on Fabriano satin paper. The colorful scenes illustrate breakfast, options to go, afternoon snacks, desserts, drinks and basic recipes. In the final result every chapter was meant to be inviting and fun.

FruFruta_Book_JackieDiedam-4 editorial illustrations


I think the part that was the most stressful for me during the whole process was the final printing phase where I had to give control to the print shop. Probably because the anxiety to see the final product was so so big. But of course, everything turned out perfect, and on top of that the book is a big success as a best seller in Brazil!

FruFruta_Book_MakingOf_JackieDiedam-9 editorial illustrations

FruFruta_Book_JackieDiedam-20 editorial illustrations

Let me know what you think about the book (maybe you even got it for yourself already)!