What did you study?
I started studying Product Design (UFPR) in Brazil, but actually graduated as a Integrated Designer (KISD) in Germany. I never studied illustration itself, but the closer to it was having private art classes (oil painting and drawing) since I was very young in Brazil.


How you became an illustrator?
I started sharing some sketches on IG during my studies, and eventually someone hired me for a project. After this, it was a natural growth to get more and more projects and be able to build a portfolio.


What are your tips for someone who wants to work as a professional illustrator?
Start by working on your personal style of illustration instead of getting too much inspiration by other existing illustrators. Build a portfolio with project samples to show what you are capable of doing.


What are your favorite supplies?
I mostly worj with gouache and I wrote this blog post about it.


What do you consider when pricing an illustration job?
How complex the work is, where and for how long it will be used and timeframe of project.


How do you plan your day?
I am a freelancer and I work from my home, so I try to keep a flexible schedule. I usually plan workouts out of the house to clear my mind everyday, and distribute all my workload around it. During the week I plan similar activities together, so the work flow is better and smoother.


What are your favorite types of projects?
I love working with brands to make products together and I love working with editorial projects.


Do you do collaboration projects with brands, or take part on campaigns for social media?
Yes, I’m happy to work together if the brand and the campaign share some of my personal and brand ethics/goals.


Where do you find inspiration?
I find most of my inspiration in museums, in cafes, during travelling or with cinema and music. I like to say that when your life and what your love are your biggest inspiration, your work will be much more personal and unique.


Who are your favorite artists?
Matisse, Rousseau, Wegener, Monet, Modigliani and do Amaral.