jackiediedam October 1, 2016

I love doing special pieces that will became prized possessions or to put in paper someone’s memory.
This custom portrait was commissioned as a birthday gift for a dear client’s childhood best friend. I was told that this friend was a gorgeous woman, with amazing highlighted hair and with a love for shoes, beauty and fashion.

Instead of making her simply standing or posing, I wanted the illustration to tell a small story and to fit her lifestyle in a delicate way. After a few drafts I came up with the idea of having her friend, trying on shoes from the brands she loves. The colours should be soft and the styles classic. She wears a chambray dress and sits in a mint and gold Louis XV chair, with a striped pillow in a neutral shade.

As I write this first post on my blog I actually just came back from a 10 day vacation in Italy, and I am preparing my commission calendar for October, and also organizing files of the last month’s works for my portfolio. If you are a beginner illustrator, I have a tip for you: Always scan your works or make sure you have decent photos of the final piece before shipping! I’ve forgotten to do it for some pieces in the last month, and now I will have to either politely ask for people to send me a photo of the framed work ( which is never a good thing, it’s better when your clients send it to you because they want you to see it) , or to let it go and learn my lesson.

Have a great Sunday, and thank you for reading!