jackiediedam January 10, 2017

lalaland-print - Jackie Diedam
I will start this post stating the obvious: I love musicals! If I could sing, act and dance, I would probably be trying to make this my life, but since all I can do is draw… Well, since I watched the trailer for La La Land  I couldn’t spot thinking about it, and of course, it had my expectations going really high. It came to the point that I was listening to the songs on Spotify even before going to the movies. I already knew the lyrics by heart. Some people asked me to say my opinion about the movie, and I think it’s obvious at this point that I loved it (and since they got 7 golden globes apparently I don’t have the worst taste!)

This musical to me was a masterpiece. Costumes, story, photography, acting, choreographies, all done with such class and refinement, but what struck me the most was the storyline. Mia, a talented and aspiring actress in Los Angeles, struggling to get noticed, falls in love with Sebastian, a ‘serious’ musician who is also trying to find his spot under the sun. The story is filled with hope. It’s made for dreamers and for people who dare to follow their dreams even when things are not looking up. I really saw myself and my creative friends represented by this movie and their main characters. Needless to say I really recommend it to anyone who ever doubt themselves.

Right after I saw the movie I had to sit down and draw. What came out is the illustration of this post. Because I liked it so much it is also available as a limited print of 10 pieces.