jackiediedam July 6, 2017

I love the Amalfi Coast! It’s been a pleasure to get to know a place that is so dreamy by going back every year.  I get very excited when friends ask me for travel tips, and after guiding many people to the Amalfi Coast, I finally did a zine about it. The zine contains several illustrations based on my favorite places. It’s the souvenir I wished I’ve found there.

It includes an illustrated map, and it was hand bound by yours truly. The color palete takes me there instantly, I hope it will take you too. This is the first zine I did, and I plan to do many more from other places I love (Capri, Paris, Amsterdam…)

To get one for yourself (or for someone else), just go to my shop!

Amalfi_Zine_JackieDiedam-6 Amalfi_Zine_JackieDiedam-10 Amalfi Zine Jackie Diedam-13 Amalfi Zine Jackie Diedam