jackiediedam March 26, 2017

MagnoliaDream  - JackieDiedam

That time of the year is here: blooming cherry trees, blooming magnolias, flowershops filled with Rannunculus and tulips. I love Spring! I’ve been quite lucky to be able to enjoy a bit of sunshine this last week, even if in between a lot of jobs. For me spring makes me want to go outside, sit in cafes and watch doggies, do a lot of organizing at home and trips to the local botanical garden.

Köln is definitely prettier in Spring, it’s grey buildings serve as a canvas to beautiful trees. I’m also looking forward to go to Bonn and check out the Cherry Blossom Street this year again. I hope you are also enjoying this first few weeks of spring wherever you are (unless you are in the south hemisphere and then I wish you a nice time with Autumn).

Jackie Diedam - Magnolia Season in Köln

Spring In Köln - Jackie Diedam