jackiediedam October 23, 2016

In times when it’s easier to take a quick snap and get to the next room but I find that taking time to actually sketch pieces you like in museums is much more rewarding. I’ve received some questions about how to keep a good journal/sketchbook while traveling, so here are four tips for making the best out of museum visits when out of town ( maybe it also applies to your local museum…).


1. Travelling with people

Make sure your travel companions know you will want to sketch. Travelling together with people who have different priorities can be hard, but it’s important that you let people know that you want to enjoy the pieces and take your time to do it. In case of any disagreements, go by yourself, or include others in your process: ask them to point out things for your to sketch as well, so they feel included.


2. No final pieces!

Don’t try to make final pieces of art. In the museums, especially if you are traveling you only have a certain amount of time. Try to sketch the things you liked the most, and spend only a maximum of 10 minutes per sketch ( this is already a lot!! ). It’s a good exercise for you and you will get to see more of the museums if you stick to your time.


3. Choose your weapons

Bring a sketchbook, and something ‘non-messy’. It doesn’t matter if you really want to do water colours or gouache, if it might spill on you, someone else, or even worst ‘something’ else. You should probably leave that for later. Avoid problems with the museum security by simple bringing a pen or coloured pencils.


4. Dealing with interested strangers

Many people tend to enjoy seeing other people sketching, and you will probably encounter some strangers asking to see your work or simply starring at your drawings. The first time this happened to me, I got all embarrassed because my work was not ‘good enough’ and froze, simply put my sketchbook away and walked really fast towards the next room. No need for that! Be proud that you are not only taking photos, and remember that even if you are not a famous artist, they all started somewhere. 😉

There you go! Four tips for you to make your museum visits a bit more interesting! I hope you liked it, and if you have any questions, just leave me a comment!