Stationery is an important part of your wedding and it should fit your needs and style. With my experience as an illustrator and stationery designer I want to help you in finding the best option for your wedding. This why I created my wedding stationery collection.

These are pre-designed sets that offer you six different suites to choose from and include items that can be further personalized with an illustrated portrait or a map. The overall design and layout of each suite will remain the same, but the calligraphy and information will be fully customized for you and your day. Each invitation features the first names of the couple and, if desired, the names of hosts and parents can still be added in the text as well. Below you will find more information about all six suites as well as some helpful tips.

The wedding collection was made with a lot of love and attention to detail to offer couples a convenient and affordable stationery option. The suites were created for couples that want a happy and romantic stationery made in high quality but without the unnecessary luxury. If you have a completely different idea about your wedding stationery I am also happy to talk about a fully custom suite made only for you. If you are interested please get in touch with me through my contact page.


Sweet and sunny


Classic and graceful


Lush and whimsical


Warm and tropical


Fun and romantic


Elegant and calm