jackiediedam January 2, 2018

Happy new year!!!
2017 was super busy for me and so much has happened in only 12 months. I want to give you a small review of the main things from last year.

I was asked by Patricia Bianco to illustrate her first cookbook, and it was so much fun. The cookbook went on to be a best seller and I can not be prouder. Here is the link to the story.


I went to Mallorca. 

Jackie Diedam - Mallorca

I designed my first set of textiles (which will be out very soon) for DouDou. (here is just a peek)

Jackie Diedam - Doudou

I released my first wedding stationery collection, which was so much work, but so rewarding. Six different themes filled with joy and love. It allowed many couples to have my designs in their wedding and I was so happy to get to know each couple’s story.

Jackie Diedam - Stationery lemon

I got to illustrate 3 magazine covers for the amazing Sister mag from Berlin!

Jackie Diedam - Sister mag

I illustrated and produced my first travel zine. The Amalfi zine sold out within days, and I keep getting emails asking to do a reprint.


I went to Amalfi Coast again.

Jackie Diedam - Positano Illustration

I travelled to Antwerp!

Jackie Diedam - Travel Sketchbook

I later went to Berlin, and got to visit the stunning Sister mag office!

I designed and illustrated my first calendar, which was in my to do list since forever. So happy with every one that got one for themselves!

Jackie Diedam - Flora Calendar

I did many interviews for lots of different magazines and online medias.
I further developed my portrait style.

Jackie Diedam - Fashion Portraits

My high school asked to do an Alumni video with me, which was a pretty big deal!

I worked for a dream client, Lorenza Pozza doing a poster for her first solo show in Brazil.

Jackie Diedam - Lorenza Pozza poster

I finally started offering workshops, and can not wait to meet some of you in 2018.

Jackie Diedam - Workshops

I reached 100 orders on my shop and did lots of custom artwork for lovely people all over the world.

The last days of the year I was in Paris with one of my best friends, the talented art director Bianca Berti.

Jackie Diedam - Palais Royal

For this year, I already have lots of projects on the works with dream clients, but I hope to keep traveling and keep getting inspired by my surroundings. I want to do more book illustrations, and to work with amazing companies to create custom stationery and branding & packaging illustrations. Special mention to fulfill my dream of working with a hotel brand.

Do you know someone who you think might be a good fit? Send them my way! Thank you so much for following my work through out last year and your support. Wishing you a great 2018!